Increasing Volunteers

Volunteers helping move crates of food off truck
Vounteers are the lifeblood of every grassroots movement. Are you maximizing your volunteer potential and utilizing the resources available to you?

1Display Stories

  • Share volunteers' stories
  • Ask volunteers to share
  • Demonstrate group engagement
  • Use a video as a recruitment tool
  • Show volunteer impact on the cause
  • Easy sign-up & activities
Young adults sitting and throwing origami into the air

2Create Flexibility

Two women meeting at desk in conference room

People have all sorts of different needs when it comes to time commitment and availability. To maximize your intake and keep your volunteer pipeline full, create a variety of tasks for different skill levels and implement flexibility to work around people's availability.

3Focus on Benefits

Appeal to people's motivations and emphasize the benefits of volunteering with your organization. Many people get involved to:

  • Build their resume
  • Sharpen professional skills
  • Meet new people
  • Get hired at your organization
Two men touching elbows near boxes they are moving

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